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The world's garbage crisis

Almost 90% of dumps are open – pit and not because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, take a look a see what really happens.


The world’s garbage crisis

The world produces more than 3.5 million tons of garbage a day, which it incinerates and buries and exports and recycles. With a sharp increase in the world population and many economies growing, we are producing more waste than ever. Is predicted by 2025, according to a World Bank study, the waste produced by cities around the globe will be enough to fill a line of rubbish trucks 3,100 miles long every day.

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The world’s garbage crisis


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What is
Circular Take Back?

Circular Take Back is an innovative "Smart City" platform that offers an alternative service to both the citizen and the company for collect, reuse and recycle products that are no longer used. Based on the circular economy, the technological link between the generator (home, office or company) of the products to be recycled so that, through a logistics service (packages and / or pallets), they can go directly to the authorized recycling centers and NGOs:

Benefits of using Circular Take Back:

With the reuse of products for families affected by natural disasters, as well as the reduction of damage to the health of the less favored population.
With the reduction of garbage in open pit dumps avoiding pollution in rivers, lakes, air and on land. Less CO2 emissions contribute in a significant way to reduce the global warming.
With the constant supply of raw material for recycling companies and NGOs resulting in more generation of green jobs and local economic.
For manufacturing companies interested in fulfilling Producer Extended Responsibility (REP). As well as obtaining "Big Data" indicators regarding the behavior of their products in the market.
Encourage governments to increase capacity by using third party collection and recycling infrastructure. Achieving lower operating costs, lengthen the life of landfills and better use of their budget.
For the decision making in multiple sectors.
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How to recycle with
Circular Take Back

Cirular Take Back is mobile and web platform were you´ll be able to recycle all the articles you don’t use anymore and be part of a better future.

How it works?

Download, install and register to start recycling.

Your recycling products in a box or pallet and request a pick in our Platform (App/Web).
According to the weight, zip code and kind of Products on your package.
The package to the courier who will collect it at the address provided.
The package will be delivered to a certified recycling company.

Are you on a computer?

What items
can I recycle?

You can now recycle a great variety of items, electronics, books, toys, clothes, shoes, etc...

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The best market rate in logistics solutions according to your necessities.

Collections by vehicle to your office
With the Circular Take Back program we'll gather your items at you office with our vehicles.
Collections by package services
With the Circular Take Back program we'll gather your items with our transportation providers.

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